012 - Making puzzles / bubble pictures / kinetic sand / painting flower pots / cupcake flower

Hello fellow parents, another Monday brings another week of lockdown. Hopefully, there will be an end in sight soon, but the Dad Plus Kids newsletter is here with daily ideas to help get you through. Every day I share my top 5 tips for keeping the kids entertained. Here is today's 5. They're arts and crafts themed.

  1. Make some puzzles. This one is a great way to get the kids learning, occupied and entertained. We love the lolly stick puzzle. Glue the sticks together side by side to make a flat surface and let the kids paint a picture. This is great for all younger kids, and you can make it more complex for older ones. Once the paint is dry, take apart the lolly sticks, mix them up, and the kids will have to figure out how to stick them back together.

  2. Bubble pictures. This is an oldie but a goodie, fill a bowl with water, add in dish soap and a few drops of either food colouring or paint and have them blow colourful bubbles in the water. Once the water is bubbled, place a sheet of card on top of the bubbles and see the beautiful painting they've made.

  3. Make taste safe kinetic sand. This is brilliant for younger kids who like to explore with their mouths. You will have peace of mind that the sand their eating is safe. With only three ingredients, white corn flour, coconut oil and light brown sugar. If in doubt, you will find a great recipe and instructions here.

  4. Pour paint flower pots are a fun way to spend the afternoon with the kids, they look great in your garden, and when they are dry, you can plant a flower together.

  5. We love the cupcake flower. It's a new take on the classic windmill and super easy to make.

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