011 - Secret cleaning / puppet theatre / sock puppets / Sunday roast

Finally Sunday, the day of rest. Unless of course you’re a parent. Sunday is a day for enjoying family time and preparing for the week ahead and here at Dad Plus Kids, we’ve got our daily tips for keeping your little ones entertained.

  • Secret cleaning, get the kids involved with the Sunday chores by making them fun for. Making them part of the solution is always easier than cleaning around them. Explore Parenting has some great hints and tips on how to do this.

  • Give the kids some cardboard and have them make a puppet theatre..

  • If they don’t already have sock puppets why not try making a cutlery puppet. Here are some great wooden spoon puppet

  • Have them help you with the Sunday roast. Making a big Sunday roast together makes it an event. It will build happy memories for them for a lifetime and it will also teach them cooking skills.

  • After dinner why not sit down as a family and let the kids put on a performance for you in their home made puppet theatre. They will be so proud of themselves and it is just a super cute idea.

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