009 - Kids biology / making a clock / letter writing / play shopkeeper / story time

Woohoo it’s Friday, we have made it through the week and soon it’ll be bedtime, wine time and feet up time. But before we get there we have a day of activities to tire your little one out for a peaceful Friday night.

  • Wallpaper people. Teach the kids about biology with wallpaper people. Have them lie down on paper and draw around each other or you. They can then cut out the shapes and add the organs and bones to their people. Teach them about heart, lungs, liver or anything else. Sciencekids has some great resources and lesson plans.
  • Teach your kids how to tell time by making a clock. Let their imagination run wild with design ideas.
  • Get your kids involved with writing and help to battle separation anxiety from friends with letter writing. Many places now offer free letter writing and postcard templates to help you get started.
  • Build a shop and play shopkeepers. It’s a great way to combine, arts and crafts, role play and math as the kids count out the money.
  • Have a story time or join an online story time, Cbeebies has a range of different stories online.

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