008 - Painting / Play Doh / Soft Play / Hot Chocolate

Thursday is upon us already and soon it will be the weekend. If you feel like you’ve exhausted every avenue and activity with the kids this week, don’t worry Dad Plus Kids newsletter is here to help as always. Here’s your 5 daily tips and remember, the weekend is only one day away.

  • Egg painting, we know it isn’t easter yet, but egg painting doesn’t have to be Easter themed. Paint your egg as a favorite character and make them have an egg race.

  • Play doh is an activity that combines baking, science and arts and crafts. BBC Good Food has a good recipe. Mix plain flour, food colouring, oil, salt and water for a fun play doh making activity. Once made the kids will see how the ingredients mix to create the doh substance they can then mould into their own creations.

  • Get outside for your daily exercise with a nice big walk to collect rocks for painting. The smoother the rocks the better the finish so have the kids do a rock treasure hunt in the woods. Amazon has some speciality rock painting kits.

  • Make hot chocolate, the weather is exactly right for hot chocolate and marshmallows. Making scrummy hot chocolate with the kids to put in a flask and go for a walk, adds a little bit of excitement to their daily exercise. Set a goal to walk to before you sit down to drink.

  • Build an obstacle course, you can create your own obstacle course at home with cardboard and crepe paper or you can invest in some soft play kits for the home.

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