006 - Dancing / Yoga / Spiders Webs / Bath Bombs

Good morning from Dad Plus Kids, we hope Tuesday morning finds you well and feeling fresh. We’ve got some inspiring daily activities for you to try with your little ones today. Today’s ideas are designed to keep the kids entertained while you get on with some working from home.

  • Dance the blues away. Danceparent 101 has a list of the best online dance classes for your little ones. If you can manage to hook up zoom to the tv they can take part in interactive dance classes with other children and their friends. Each parent could even take turns to host, like sharing the virtual babysitting duties. This is a brilliant way to keep their social needs filled and to work with other parents to give each other time to work.

  • Kids yoga is a good way to help kids chill out and centre themselves. It teaches them mindfulness and self soothing, on top of that it helps to keep them fit. Cosmic Kids yoga is a free youtube channel that offers yoga for different ages.

  • Spiders Webs or mazes is a fun activity to get the kids occupied and thinking. Have them create webs with yarn or wool and then have them try to find their way through the maze without getting stuck or touching the strings.

  • Balloon volleyball is a quick fix for PE at home, suitable for kids of all ages. This activity will keep them busy, get their blood pumping and won’t destroy your home in the process.

  • Head on over to BBC Good Food and learn how to make a bathbomb. Kids have loads of fun learning how the fizz is made and even more fun having their bath later that night. The best bit is that they can create their own

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