004 - Science / Activity Sheets / Time Tables / Singing

Hello hello

Welcome to another daily email from Dad Plus Kids. I share my 5 daily ideas for you to keep your little ones entertained. Here are todays!

  1. Science Experiments - We’ve been fans of The Dad Lab for a long time. Check out the mesmerising videos and ideas for you to create your own experiments at home!

  2. More activity sheets! You can never have too many activity sheets, and today’s recommendation comes from Crayola! Go colour

  3. Times Tables App – DK have a great 10 minutes per day Times Table App to give kids short bite sized exercises to practice daily. We love this

  4. Sing Song! – Do you like singing? Then check out these videos from Britt Adams. She has shared more than 100 videos with a singalong!

  5. Sensory play – If your kids are younger, check out this beautiful Instagram profile Every Day Is A Play Day showing ideas for sensory play!

I hope you find these useful. If you want more then please sign up for my daily email :)


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