002 - Activities / Reading / Languages / Coding

Hello again

And welcome to the second Dad Plus Kids newsletter! These are my 5 daily thoughts and ideas for things to do with the kids today.

  1. More activity sheets - Learning Resources is a great online resource where you can find activity sheets for kids. We’ve been printing lots of these out over the last few days!

  2. Reading games - I’ve been looking for games for my kids to help them with reading and Teach Your Monster To Read came highly recommended. We’ve been playing this for a few days now and my 6yo loves it.

  3. New book launched yesterday! I’m a big fan of author Matthew Syed for personal development books. Now he's created the Dare To Be You Journal, an interactive journal full of life hacks, challenges and activities to give kids the confidence to come up with their own plan of action to be themselves, live happy and think differently.

  4. Learning languages – If you’re keen to get your kids learning a language then Kidslingo is a great place to start. They have a huge directory of classes around the country offering live and pre-recorded online training.

  5. Science classes online too – if Science is more your thing then check out Blue Shift Coding. Whether your kids are just beginning their coding journey, or want to progress their skills to learn something more advanced, they have a great set of online classes.

I hope you find these useful. If you want more then please sign up for my daily email :) 


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